Wa Cafe - fresh, and vibrant cafe

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Wa Cafe, located at 52 Quoc Lo 2, Mai Dinh, Soc Son, Hanoi, is an ideal destination for those who seek a relaxing, fresh, and vibrant cafe experience amidst the bustling city of Hanoi.


Here, you can indulge in delicious coffee in a green, fresh environment, undoubtedly serving as a wonderful remedy for weary souls.



Wa Cafe's garden setting is not only a place to admire the beauty of nature but also an ideal spot for creating memories with loved ones and friends. With a design reminiscent of a corner of Sapa - a miniature European paradise in Vietnam, the cafe makes anyone who visits feel like they are stepping into a fairy tale world.





Especially noteworthy is Wa Cafe's two unique spaces: indoor and outdoor. However, the highlight is undoubtedly the small outdoor garden area, with lush greenery and natural sunlight, always providing customers with a sense of tranquility and comfort. In the evening, the cafe becomes even more enchanting with warm lighting while maintaining its cozy and inviting atmosphere.

With a diverse menu, Wa Cafe offers not only delicious coffee but also various types of juices and traditional Vietnamese tea. Additionally, you can enjoy a selection of fast food items such as hot dogs, pizza, hamburgers, salads, french fries, and fried rice. Moreover, the entrance of the cafe is adorned with cherry blossoms and red envelopes, creating an atmosphere of luck and excitement for the new year.

In addition to enjoying delicious drinks and food, you can also purchase exquisite and beautifully crafted Japanese ceramic products, meticulously handmade. The beverages at Wa Cafe are sourced from specialized areas and monitored with state-of-the-art technology, ensuring the highest quality for customers.











I ordered a glass of watermelon mint jelly along with a glass of pineapple orange juice at Wa Cafe, and this experience was truly enjoyable and refreshing. The chilled watermelon juice was not only sweet but also had the natural flavor of the fruit, and when combined with the crunchy jelly, it created a harmonious and refreshing sensation for the palate.

The pineapple orange juice was delicious and refreshing, carrying the fresh flavor of both fruits. The sweet and tangy taste of this juice was not only delightful but also very beneficial for health. At around 35,000 VND per glass, equivalent to about 1.5 dollars, this is truly an excellent choice to enjoy fresh fruits and healthy drinks at Wa Cafe.


In summary, Wa Cafe is not just a place to enjoy delicious coffee and food but also an ideal destination for those who want to immerse themselves in a green environment and experience beautiful moments with family and friends. When you visit Wa Cafe, you will feel the warmth and coziness from the wonderful space and excellent service that the cafe provides.

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