Homemade Fuchka

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Today I'm gonna share with you the recipe of "Homemade Fuchka"


Baking powder
Red chili
Cumin powder
Green chili
Coriander leafs




It's a mouth watering food in asia. People must have to take when go out. But street foods are not healthy. You can make at home by following my recipe. Take a pressure cooker. Put socked daal and boiled. Take out in a bowl. Mix with onion, green chili, coriander leafs, cumin powder and salt. Take another bowl. Get flour, mix with baking powder and salt. Make a tight dough. Roll it and cut into small pieces in round shape. Deep Fry, fry like it gets a ball foam. Take out. Make a tamarind water with red chili, sugar and salt. Mix as per test. Now serve. Put daal mix into the ball then garnish with tamarind water.

Serve as a evening snacks.

As simple as that!

Happy Cooking!!



Looks like an interesting recipe, thank you for sharing. I will give it a try. Allah bless you ❤️🌼

It's famous in Asia. We must have it whenever go to mall. Thanks for your comment.