How to make soft roti : Full process 🍞

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Today I'm gonna share with you the recipe of "Soft Roti"







Take a pan. Add required water as much you want to make. Get boiled. Add some salt and oil. Oil I use for store the roti. I keep raw roti in the refrigerator for one day long. Then add flour in the boiled water. Instantly stir it and make a soft dough. Put out from the stove. Mash with hand. You have to mash when it's hot. Mash and make a long roll. Take small pieces from it and make balls. Tap it little. Then with the help of a roller roll it. Now as such you can store it by putting poly in middle of roties. Or you can fry it and eat instantly.

Serve in the breakfast.

As simple as that!

Happy Cooking!!


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so simple. Thank you πŸ˜ƒ

Yeah it's simple and delicious to eat. A healthy breakfast in the morning. Thanks.

It really is very easy

I'm such used to that I can make 15-20 roti in 20 minutes. Little harder in beginning but will be easy after doing again and again.

Haha for me, buying from hotel would be an easy option πŸ˜„ but thank you btw 😊

Yeah you can buy instantly but nit sure it'll be healthy or not. Homemade food always healthy and you'll be satisfied. Thanks

Yes I agree that homemade are healthy I cook myself sometimes when I live far from home but making a proper circular tortilla is not my cup of tea πŸ˜…