Is chicken REALLY a vegetable?

in #foodlast year

AI is all the rage now, so I asked it some important questions

"Is chicken a vegetable?"

It got a bit creative with its logic (but then again I set the tone to "funny"), and this is a bit of what it came up with:

What other food is frequently served with a side of crunchy carrots and roasted potatoes? That’s right, chicken! And if it’s served with vegetables, it must be a vegetable itself, right?

Check out AI's full response on my website:

... I also asked AI to generate some "Vegetable Chicken" images and this is what I got:

Chicken is a vegetable.png

This one has to be the winner though:
Vegetable Chicken.png

This was quite the silly example of course, but AI is doing some awesome things, and I'm really getting in to what it can do from a content generation point of view...

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What's your experience with AI generated content?

... got any favourite AI generators that I should know about? Please drop me a comment below and let me know!

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P.S. My website will be undergoing a revamp soon, so please keep an eye on both & specifically.

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Brohhh you've been around for a long time!! I remember seeing you back when it was still steemit... And you've been mostly actice all the way right?

Hey man,

Thanks for dropping in.

Yeah... been around for just over 5 years now if memory serves.

WRT "active all the way": Well, that really depends on your definition of "active" ;-)
... but yeah, I try and post and manually curate regularly. There have been times when I manage to blog weekly for months at a time, but then there's often a fair stretch when my only blockchain activity is on the gaming side of things (and automated curation trails etc.)

P.S. Where you from in SA again? Every now and then I get a bee in my bonnet about creating old-school "tweetups"... but for HIVE. But I can count the number of Hivers here in Pretoria on 1 hand... so it generally doesn't last more than 1 or 2 meetups when we do kick it off.

Laughs yeahh its hard being active every single day.. Life takes over... But this year I am going to try and post everyday.. I might fail... I might not.. We shall see... I jist want the yearly author badge at least once😂

I am from Bloemfontein bud, hardly anyone blogging over here or atleast I think so... Sofar I've not heard of anyone! Although I have to say there a alot more now then there was back in the day... Or im exposed to a few more... I really wonder what happened to Jayna? She was hella active and now she's just gone?


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Will have to check it out... Thanks!


You should definetly check Hashkings and its ecosistem😃

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