Lunch at Mama's Restaurant in San Francisco

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I visited Mama's restaurant in San Francisco, I had to wait about 20 minutes to get a table but the food was worth waiting for. In this post I will share some pictures from my visit to Mama's and tell you a little bit about the restaurant.

Mama's is a family-owned restaurant in San Francisco. Founded in 1964, Mama's serves breakfast, brunch, and lunch, and its own baked goods and gift baskets. The restaurant specializes in omelettes, salads, and sandwiches, and sells homemade jam, fresh baked bread, and pastries.

There is a very welcoming atmosphere in the restaurant and it seems to be popular with the asian community, when I was there I heard people speaking Japanese everywhere.

I wanted to taste everyting, so I ordered eggs benedict with bacon and fried potatos and a super good French toast with apples and lemonsauce

Even though the resturant was super busy the staff seemed very relaxed and laughed and joked with eachoter. It looked like they really enjoyed their work

If you are ever in San Francisco and needs a good breakfast or lunch, this is a perfect place to visit.

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looks a very fancy restaurant and a very tasty lunch @camilla dear

Great informative post for the food lovers. Great to learn that they are providing home made food. As a chemist I know there are sometimes food adulteration happens when prepared commercially. In case of home made food, no such provisions are there. Obviously, I will taste it, if have a chance to go there. Thanks.

Everything that is in San Francisco is beautiful and worth it. I have heard of the restaurant has a good reputation about food and looking at your photographs everything is true, there they say that the first bite that is given to a meal is with the eyes

What is the origin of this dish? It looks tasy AF. I'd love to wash it down with a IPA. I think the two who complement each other very nicely.

delicious food
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hey camilla i am also a fan of delicious food,please keep me up to date with nice meals i can try out,i would love to get a recipe for that eggs benedict with bacon and fried potatos

The French toast looks amazing! The word 'Mama' means mother in Romanian.

Eggs Benedict look perfect and very appetizing. Looks like a nice, cozy restaurant.

Looks delicious :D

What a cute little restaurant.
I would love to dine there after seeing all this delicious food.

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Hey camilla. Great post! I think it's about time we see some more. Haha. Keeping up with Steemit is important; especially when you are doing so well!