Watermelon with feta cheese - avoid plain milk

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Watermelon is one of the most popular summer fruits and its popularity reaches its peak in the United States during the 4th of July Independence celebrations. 

Although this delicious fruit is believed to contain an abundance of valuable nutrients, there are still people – believe or not – who don’t particularly fancy it, since they think that it does not have any special nutritional value to offer as it only consists of water and nothing else (which is far from true, of course). 

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Another piece of advice is that, according to ayurveda, you should avoid drinking milk after eating watermelon, because this can have side effects, like vomiting, upset stomach, etc. 

However, I know from personal experience that it is OK to consumer watermelon with some sort of cheese, like feta cheese, which makes an excellent, tasty, and very digestive food combination. I am not sure whether it is the enzymes contained in feta cheese, rather plain milk, that make it suitable to be consumed along with watermelon, and in fact help digestion, but I know that it is a good combination for the stomach, and it is also a fast, easy and healthy snack that you can enjoy at any time during a hot summer day.   

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