FOODlog #1139: Spinach Wantan Noodles with Kulim Nut Oil

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  • Spinach Wantan Noodles with Kulim Oil -

Recently I met up with Desmond and Ben from Oylhaus and they were so generous and kind to pass me a bottle of their famous Kulim Oil to sample.

🇲🇾 I immediately made some breakfast the next day of noodles tossed in the aromatic truffle-sque 'Kulim Oil'. It also has notes of garlic and Shiitake mushrooms aroma and flavor to it. What unique and wonderful Malaysian grown and made product that we Malaysians have access to.

🌪️🥚 I also added some chicken stock to the noodles and topped it with a tornado egg, as well as pickled radish I made a week back and some freshly chopped spring onions to finish it off.

Super delicious and fragrant Kulim Oil noodles with delicious toppings made this an energising and tasty breakfast to start the day!

If you're ever in Malaysia and want to get a taste of this or get it as a gift for your friends, this will be a great souvenir to get them.