My New Eating Habits - What I've Been Eating - The Results So Far

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I started my new eating habits of having a protein, fat, fiber and greens every meal 'diet' on Friday, the 15th of November. I actually began it with dinner that day.

It has only been 5 days but I can say that I have already lost 4 pounds and I have not been hungry between meals at all. There have been no cravings or snacking of any kind.


Except for the 1st day and the above is what I craved. Not too bad for a snack!

I can actually say that I do not feel like I am suffering with this new way of eating at all.


I'll start with the things I drink. Even though my breakfast smoothie is breakfast, I still drink it. The Smoothies are the top 3 in the photo above. The one with the blue Owl cup is what I usually have. I did add raspberries to it one morning and that wasn't too bad either.

Besides the protein powder, almond milk, almond butter and spinach, I also add ice and blend it all together in the blender. I love the taste and it holds me over until lunch, even on my work days.

The 3 photos in the bottom row are what I use if I need greens added to my meal. It also has caffeine. It is actually quite tasty and I like having it as an extra option for a drink.


On days when I don't need the drinkable greens, I still make my green tea with honey. It's been a personal favorite for awhile now.


Even though I don't mind a chicken salad most days, I have been playing around with different stuff I can have at lunch.

I've folded my left overs from dinner the night before into my lunch, I've tried new things like avacatoes with an egg in them, and my egg sandwich that you can see in the bottom 3 photo's above. I managed to fit all 4 things into that one!


And the above is the bread I use for fiber when I need it. Shockingly to myself, its has a really good taste to it.


I have forgotten to take many photographs of my dinners but I did get this one. I realized after that I could have gone without the bread since I had salad. I'm learning though.


I even played around with different ways to make greens. The above is spinach & garlic cooked in just a tad of olive oil. I sprinkled sunflower seeds and cheese on it after it cooked down.

I am every enthusiastic about my 1st week of this new way of eating. My biggest and only concern is if I am getting too many vitamins now. I need to sit down and figure out if I need to be taking my daily woman's vitamin anymore.

So far so good! :)

If You Are Reading This, I Hope You Have An Awesome Day!

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I am hungry now for deviled eggs! Ah one of the reasons I love the up and coming holidays.

Nice to see you are mostly sticking with the new diet. I hope it goes well. Have a great week.

Hubby made deviled eggs last night. :P I do plan to go off the new way of eating just a bit on Thanksgiving & Christmas days. I may regret it though because I have been pretty satisfied with my meals so far.

My holiday diet is planning not to gain 10 or more pounds. That is about it :)

I plan to be a little good both days and still drink my protein shakes in the morning. That will keep me from over eating what ever I do eat. :P

WOW your doing great on it, keep it up, or if we're talking weight down :)

Good job eating wholesome food :-)

That is great, Deb!!! Everything looks pretty good, so I wouldn't call it a diet anymore, I would just call it a lifestyle change.

I like when you can eat it and like it, all in the same breath!

Congratulations and keep up the great work!!!

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Thanks! You are right, it is a lifestyle change and not a diet. :)

It also feels better that way. :)

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I must say I really like your new eating habit

This post has been appreciated and featured in daily quality content rewards. Keep up the good work.

Thank you!!

You seem to have a good menu, Deb. I saw the green tea pkg-I drink Uncle Lees White Tea. It started me on drinking it black.

I've been happy with what I have come up with so far. :) I really like the Uncle Lee brand.

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Выглядит вкусно. Приятного аппетита

It is tasty, thanks!