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New week - new challenge. This time I'll show you how I am making classic pasta Carbonara. It's pretty easy to make :)
We will need :
spaghetti 200 g
pancetta 100 g
Parmesan cheese 50 g
Pecorino cheese 50 g
egg 1 pcs
black pepper

Сut pancetta into cubes and fry in olive oil

Rub cheese on a fine grater

Mix cheese with egg and small amout of olive oil

Boil the spaghetti until al dente and mix with our cheese

Add fried pancetta and mix it. Sprinkle with black pepper and our pasta Carbonara is ready!

Bon Appetit!


Ma devi dire la verita! Tu sei Italiano vero?
You did a really good job on this one @dgarsan and I'll outline why:

1.) It looks very simple to make and I have all of the ingredients in the house right now!
2.) I really like the way your photos showed the steps beginning with a picture of all of the ingredients.

As far as presentation goes I would have put a small chili pepper or a leaf of Basil on top to give it some more color. All in all though an excellent job!

You are definitely in the running and congratulations are also in order because your post has made good money as it is!

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)

@kus-knee Thanks for your review) appreciate it

@dgarsan, Glad to see you again!
It's always fun to see the cook and find out it's a guy! Applause!
I wish you good luck!

Fantastic food post, I mean fantastic. Good luck in the competition!!

Great job @dgarsan!
It looks delicious. My favourite photo is your pan-fried pancetta shot.

It looks good! I love carbonara pasta! Good luck :)

Looks great! Nothing beats fresh hand grated cheeses!

Looks really delicious.

Hi @dgarsan
The pasta surely looks tasty, I am sure the pancetta will ad a good taste to the pasta.

RS and UV for you!

Great stuff, keep up the good work. I just finished a month's worth of food prep in the kitchen and clean up about 10 mins ago LOL

Awesome.. this looks Delicious.. Really appericiate :)

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