Ugly Delicious

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3 kilos of cabbage and 1 kilo of ground meat equals a shit ton of cabbage rolls and a cabbage casserole.

Cabbage rolls are one of my all time favourite foods but I don’t make them very often because they require quite a lot of time and effort. When I do take the time to make them, I try to find the biggest cabbage possible so I can prepare a huge patch at once. This beast could hardly fit in the pot.


The meat here is a blend of pork, beef and venison, and there is lots of onions, a bit of barley pearls and couple eggs in the filling too. You can add chopped cabbage too but since I had so much meat I didn’t have to and I used the inside of the cabbage to make a casserole.

Both cabbage rolls and casserole cook in the oven for about hour and a half and they do really well in the freezer so I always freeze some to have meals ready to have as the work lunch.

Cabbage is not the prettiest of foods and not all like it but I think everyone I know loves cabbage rolls.



Okay lets end on a prettier food, pancakes! Finnish pancakes need to have a lace pattern, it’s very important for the taste and look.



Have a delicious what-ever-day-it-is-today!


That all looks great!

The rolls are ugly when cooked but so so delicious 😅

I love cabbage rolls so they just looked delicious to me 🤣😁

Yo, I'm in! I'm lost for good cabbage.

Fantastic! What’s your fave cabbage food?

What you made is called "Krautwickel" here and is absolutely great. You can make them light by adding only low-fat meat and some white rice for the inners. My Grandmother used to make those in huge quantities and the whole Familie took some with them. Then there is the "Wirsingrouladen" the typical bavarian edition of it, you should check them out if you happen to come to this area.


My personal favorite usage is obviously for the classic coleslaw, just the best side ever.


Mmmm cabbage rolls are tasty!

Yes they areeee :)

Damn, those look delicious!!!!

I usually just chop the cabbage and essentially stir-fry it all. But that's just because I'm lazy. Kudo's for taking the time to boil and roll!!!

Works great for stir-fry too, I still have some scraps left so that’s probably gonna be tomorrow dinner :)

Yay! 🤗
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Looks delicious 😋🤤
Bon appetit.
Meat inside the rolls can be mixed with rice too.
Rolls are also good when boiled.

Many people do use rice but because this is a Finnish version I prefer barley because that is what actually grows in here.

You know I've never made or tried cabbage rolls but it's something I'd love to try sooo bad!!! I think you've inspired me to look up a recipe :)

You are so talented with food that I bet you could make really nice cabbage rolls :)