Kartoffelpuffer mit Apfelmus

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Classic German dish

puffer fertig.jpg

I grew almost* all that food myself, even the firewood fell off a tree in my garden.

*butter, sugar, salt from the store


Off the grid, and in my belly? I like this supply chain.

Potato Waffles with Apple Sauce, I had to google it.. as my German is non-existant outside counting to 10.

Imagine Hash Browns with some sugar + sweet apple sauce.

They do look really good, but I'm biased and will fully admit the tastiest food comes from your country.

yeah hey felix, wie gehts dir? <3

Gut ! Und selbst ?

Bin im discord zu erreichen ...

Schöner Garten! Und schon überlege ich wie und wann ich am besten mal Kartoffelpuffer mit Apfelmus hier in den USA mache - oh those memories of home and childhood. 💜😂😉