Finally enjoying some Food in the Restaurant again

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The last Weekend I finally enjoyed some good food in the Restaurant again. Because of the COVID-19 restrictions the restaurants were closed or only could offer take away food for a long time, and now finally they are open again. But still you need to provide a negative COVID-19 Test or the proof of vaccination before entering the restaurants. What makes travelling and eating in restaurants still a little difficult for me is that I have to reserve a timeframe for the COVID-19 tests after work, so I lose at least half an hour for the testing every weekend.

Finally, I could get some Roast pork again. Picture: Florian Glechner.

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Next weekend I will visit Vienna, and I am already looking forward to visiting a "Heuriger" - Restaurant again for the first time after nearly one year. I can't wait for my grape juice and all the good food I can find there. It is something that I really missed this last half year. I know a lot of this food I could eat at home as well, but it is a big difference and if there is something that takes more time or effort to cook at home I am most of the time too lazy to cook it myself.


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It's funny that I just read a food post by @silversaver888 and she was saying the same thing about how it was great to finally be able to get out to a restaurant once again.
We have all been isolated for so long and it may take some time before we are comfortable enough with each other and thoughts of this virus no longer creep into our minds during social gatherings.
Many restrictions have been lifted in our area, but in the interim 1/2 of the restaurants have shuttered their doors.

Sad that so many had to close.