Egg baked in bell peppers

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Egg baked a satiated and tasty simple cooked breakfast, I hope you will not be disappointed with this recipe. Thank you for your support.



-tortilla wraps

From the beginning, cut a slice of peppers in the tray and let it warm the oil, then add the egg and put the lid and let it cook for another 5 minutes on medium heat, then take the -tortilla wraps heat into the tray return the cheese and stuff in two, then serve breakfast.



Of course, if you want you can add -tortilla wraps- and green and red lettuce I stay today as simple as you can see, I added a little dry parsley at the end, you can use what you have in your kitchen, and of course your imagination.



I wish you success in the art of cooking where we can use our imagination that we have, I wish you all the best Steemit community.


Buenos días amigo se ve muy rico y apetitosa su comida saludos

Hola, me alegra que te haya gustado. gracias

Desayuno muy nutritivo amigo,se ve muy bueno saludos dejo acá mi voto.. gracias por la receta

Gracias por tu comentario, solo te quiero bien

Looks so yummy....I love egg...I will try yours recipe...Thank you! :-)

Thank you for enjoying the recipe

I would like to add it red lettuce and pimento. I want to cook it💗

I specified that everyone can use what he wants, I honestly preferred that. Thank you for your comment, a good day I wish you, I very much appreciate the comment left, I will definitely try and your variant.