Green peas and carrot

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Today I thought of a simple and very tasty recipe, low-fat carrots. Thank you for your support.



-green peas
-olive oil
-vegetable spices



In this recipe, add a little olive oil, cut the onion and fry it for 5 minutes, then add the peas and the carrot cut into the slices, add a little water and let it boil until we see the water started to drop not to forget about spices and a little salt, as I was saying a simple and tasty recipe I hope you try. success


This recipe can be served with hominy and a fried egg besides, of course, I preferred that.



Very nice recipe with simplicity 😊 @food-creator

Thank you mrunalini

yummy😍 that looks delicious🥕

Nice recipe friend @food-creator thanks for sharing

Qué bien plato gracias por compartir la receta saludos

Looks yummy.