Hamburger with potatoes naturally

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Hamburger with potatoes naturally a simple and tasty, vegetarian recipe I want to try and you will certainly not be disappointed. Thank you for your support.



-ground nutmeg
-aromatic herbs
-ground bread


This recipe is simple to do, we only have to put some passion in the art of cooking, we start to boil the potatoes and separately put the lentils to the boil, in the meantime stir the zucchini, and put it in a bowl add the core of the walnut, the lentil I added two eggs, little salt and herbs, can be added and pepper gently mix with the spoon add bread and ground, and form the desired hamburger, and add to the tray a little oil fry, potatoes in the meantime boiled and sprinkle some olive oil and dried parsley.


I wish you success and do not forget the passion in the art of cooking, give us the pleasure of eating healthy, if we want to fry these hamburgers on the grill, it depends on you cooking, I prefer to fry in a little olive oil, have a taste special ..


If you want a salad of red onions can be served, it is very tasty as I say you have to try with what you like and my friends from the Steemit community .. I wish you a nice day to have a nice evening.



Looks delicious.

Wow it looks mouth watering friend 😋 I hope you enjoyed it @food-creator

Thanks for the comment mrunalini

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