hamburger with rice

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Hamburger from beans and rice and tomato salad a simple and tasty recipe. Thank you for your support



-red beans
-chilli peppers
-ground bread


For hamburger I used red beans I added a little carrot onion I added an egg, and I put them in the blender after which I added a few salt spices and ground bread for a compact composition after which I added olive oil and fried them.


For rice I added olive oil in the tray I added the onion and I fried short afterwards I cut thin slices of pepper and blade added along with onion I added dried vegetable spices and water and let left boiled 10 minutes after I added bio rice and left me cooking for 15 minutes.


Then I made a tomato salad with hot peppers and so I got a meal rich in calories and very tasty it is worth trying this recipe, I wish you success in the art of cooking.


I await your comments on this recipe and your opinions. Thank you