Hazelnuts and its benefits

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Hazelnuts due to the delicate flavor and delicious taste they have, as well as the valuable nutrients they contain, are hunted with a special interest, especially by the children, but the adults do not give up per portion of peanuts.
Hazelnuts can be consumed in various forms and raw or most beneficial or roasted have a taste that many people find more pleasant in vegetable salads and healthy fats present in hazelnuts facilitates the absorption of nutrient deer found in vegetables or salads dried fruit.


The German Nutrition Association recommends regular consumption of hazelnuts because the inclusion in the daily diet of up to 25 grams of hazelnuts brings health benefits, contributing to the prevention of atherosclerosis and an effect due to the healthy profile of fatty acids contained and fatty acids aligned at the popular level and with the name of very good fat.


Hazelnuts as well as other nuts are an excellent source of dietary fiber, dietary fiber willingly and unswervingly takes on the role of sweepers that cleanse your digestive tract, helping to expel waste and all kinds of undesirable substances out of body.

regulation of blood glucose levels
weight control
promoting the health of the cardiovascular system;
protection of skin
preventing the formation of stones in the biliary and kidney bladder
the withdrawal of irritable bowel syndrome
reducing the risk of hemorrhoids formation
reducing the risk of heart attack
friendly bacterial flora feeding

The benefits of fiber consumption lie precisely in the fact that they can not be digested by the body and soluble fibers, as found in pine nuts and pistachios and almonds, as well as other kinds of nuts, are transformed into the digestive tract, a substance with gelatinous texture, which has the effect of reducing digestion and because of the feeling of satiety installed, you feel full for a long period of time, being one of the explanations for the fact that forest nuts like other types of nuts, peanuts and almonds help to control weight.


Hazelnuts are a rich source of fatty acids such as oleic acid and essential fatty acids to help lower LDL cholesterol and increase HDL good cholesterol, and studies have suggested that a Mediterranean diet rich in monounsaturated fatty acids helps to prevent coronary artery disease and stroke, due to the beneficial profile of the lipids it produces inside the blood, the hazelnuts and the rich folat content contribute to lowering the level of homocysteine and thus reducing the risk of heart disease.A portion of just 28 grams of hazelnuts contains 4 grams of protein, which corresponds to 8% of the recommended daily dose, which is very important especially for people inclined towards a vegetarian diet and as a basis for comparison a regular egg provides 5.5 grams of protein and nuts, unlike egg and animal feed, do not contain cholesterol or any other pain that comes in the form of various hormones or growth factors such as almonds, pistachios or other types walnuts are relatively poor in carbohydrates, and therefore, people heavily involved in physical activities such as athletes are advised to combine walnuts with dried fruits such as dried plums, raisins, dried figs or dry dates that are much richer in carbohydrates and, furthermore, because forest nuts are poor in vitamin C, it is advisable to consume them together with other fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C as this helps iron absorption in the intestine very interesting to know.


Skin protecting effect is due to the presence in abundance of the just- E vitaminei- hazelnuts 28 g of 21% -of furnizează- recommended daily dose of vitamina- E - and as well as a high concentration of other antioxidants that protect skin the adverse effects of aging and vitamina- E helps maintain youthful appearance by delaying cell aging caused by oxidation and E- vitaminii benefits do not stop there but help deliver oxygen to the body thus giving more strength and helps prevent various forms and cancer
strengthens the immune system by increasing the power of T-cells that fight disease and prevents and dissolves blood clots and helps reduce fatigue and reduces the risk of cataracts and acting as a diuretic can help reduce blood pressure and help prevent abortions helps alleviate cramps and muscle pains and reduces the risk of ischemic heart disease and stroke.


Body weight struggle is a heavy fight for many people today, and if you want to lose weight from yourself or if you want to keep your body weight under control then eating walnuts in general and hazelnuts, In particular, it is a good idea and people who regularly consume nuts enjoy a more visible body weight, not to say healthier, and lower obesity rates than those who for various reasons , justified or less justified in the most frequent cases
hazelnuts are beneficial in keeping body weight under control because of the presence of both healthy and healthy fats and dietary fiber that causes a high degree of satiety, helping you feel full and full of energy over a longer period of time and so reduces the need to eat between very interesting meals.


Hazelnuts are a good source of folate -28 g of hazelnuts cover the daily requirement of this vitamin, which is part of the 8% E-vitamin group, and women who want to become mothers, as well as those who find themselves in the first few weeks of pregnancy, they need to ensure that they have enough vitamin E supplements - this is absolutely necessary for normal child development and folate is important not only for women but also for men, contributing to increased fertility by increasing the number of sperm in men we should know with all of these things I hope you can use this article, I wish you health and joy if you read this article ...


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