Pasta with beans and peppers

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Bean paste and pepper a wonderful and calorie recipe I want you to try this recipe. Thank you for your support.


Ingredients. pasta, red beans, peppers, garlic, parmesan, olive oil

-red beans
-olive oil


This recipe is cooked very quickly, in 15 minutes after boiling but we have to serve the table, cut the pepper thin slices, the garlic and the beans are added to the tray and fry a little, add a few spices and leave to cook on medium heat in the meantime add the pasta to boil, when to boil pasta is added over our sauce and lunch is served dinner.



I added a tomato to this recipe and, of course, a little parmegiano, as I said it was very simple to make, use imagination and you will definitely make recipe enviable and tasty.



I wish you all the best tutor from the Steemit community and I await your comments.


Gracias por compartir esa receta y se ve muy apetitosa esa pasta amigo saludos ..

Thank you very much

se ve demasiado exquisito el plato,la pasta es lo maximo,saludos desde venezuela

Es una receta normal te deseo todo lo mejor gracias

Buenas noche amigo se ve tan delicioso el plato de macarrones. Gracias por compartir esta receta

Gracias queridos amigos en Venezuela

Wow pasta love it 😋

Thank you mrunalini