Rice with mozzarella and vegetables

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Rice with mozzarella and vegetables a perfect combination for a tasty, easy and easy cooking, Thank you for your support.



-red onion
-yellow onion
-red pepper
-olive oil


This recipe is cooked as follows: add the oil in the pan, cut the onion and cut the carrot and the pepper and garlic add to the pan and fry for 5 minutes, then add some water and let it cook, meanwhile put the rice water separately for 10 minutes and then squeeze the water, I used a rice with a 15 minute baking time, after they cooked the vegetables for 25 minutes, add the rice and mix it gently for 5 minutes, then cut the mozzarella feli and add it over the warm rice, add the parmesan and leave it for 5 minutes and you can serve hot with a salad with tomatoes and red onion.




I wish you success in the art of cooking, I expect your comments, I wish you every success.



This looks very tasty! My advice: make better quality photos!


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