Spaghetti with dried tomatoes

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Spaghetti with dried tomatoes in oil and Parmesan a simple and tasty recipe I recommend you try it too. Thank you for your support.


Ingredients. dried tomatoes, spaghetti, garlic, hot pepper, parsley

-dried tomatoes
-hot pepper


To this recipe we do not use oil at all, because the dried tomatoes are already in the oil, the water is boiled, the salt is added and the tomato is started to dry, the garlic and the parsley and the pepper and the tomatoes dry and add to the tray and slowly chew on fire slowly after 3 minutes add some water and leave until cooked spaghetti squeeze the water and add over our sauce, as I was saying a simple and tasty recipe and add Parmesan, of course



From simple things come true recipes


I wish you success in the art of cooking, I expect your comments and I wish you a nice day for all of you to have a nice evening.



Oh I like spagetti,have to try this someday

Just please try and you will not be disappointed. Thank you

very tasty it looks

Thank you..

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Buenas noche. Excelente post. La fotografía tiene buena vista como Anneliese un plato así se ve muy delicioso . Lo invito pasar por mi blog. Hasta luego

Gracias por el comentario dejado

It looks very delicious friend 😊 I like this type of food , very yummy

Thank you mrunalini

Buenas tardes Saludos desde Venezuela hasta luego

Yummie 👌👍

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