The properties of the carrot

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Dear community Steemit, I am writing this article to know what benefit we can have if we eat these vegetables. Thank you for your support.


Carrots are available almost anywhere in the world and for centuries and historians believe they were cultivated by Greeks and Romans in antiquity and carrots are part of the family, umbelliferae name derived from the group of umbrella flowers found at the top of the plants in this family. This form is found in the leaves of the fern and the plants with which the carrot is related, for example - fennel, parsley, dill and anise.In today's kitchen, carrots are used in many foods, from very healthy vegetable salads to salads can also be cut into pieces and served as an appetizer. Carrot can be cut, shaved, sour, puree, ripe, and the list can continue ... The carrot also has an amazingly long list of health benefits.


When the kids ask you if it's true that carrots are good for their eyes, you can say yes, because carrots are very rich in vitamin A, a vital nutrient for a good view and actually carrots are loaded with beta-carotene , which later turns into vitamin A in the liver, and because beta-carotene can not be produced in the body, it must be obtained from your diet, it is not a coincidence that carotene sounds like the word carrot in English carrot, and the word was designed in 19th Century by a German scientist after crystallizing carotene from carrot root and beta carotene is composed of more than 600 carotenoids and a pigment that gives the color of egg yolk, tomatoes, fruits, vegetables with dark green leaves and some types of seafood and for protection against ultraviolet radiation, carrots are also noted for their role in heart disease and in carrot juice is the cause of strokes and it is like a cataplasm to prevent infection in cuts and scratches keeps skin youthful and cleanses the very important colon and calcium phosphorus and magnesium in carrots help build strong bones and a healthy nervous system and also calcium consumption is essential to maintain healthy heart muscle and phosphorus is essential for strengthening hair and bone, while magnesium has its role in mental development, fat digestion and absorption of carbohydrates, and vitamin C, B6 , copper, folic acid, thiamine and magnesium, very interesting to know.

Nutritional information

An average portion of raw carrot 128 grams

carbohydrates-12 g
sugars-6 g
fiber-4 g
protein-1 g
sodium-88 mg


Consumption of carrot juice carrot juice cleanses and rebuilds liver and liver is the organ that detoxifies our body and without which we have died from toxic internal assemblies so carrot juice has been called interesting healing juice juice - Dr. John Christopher, father of modern American herbalism, expressed the astonishment of the qualities of the healing carrot juice of carrot juice and unfolded today by Dr. Max Gerson and his nephew, relies heavily on fresh carrots combined with apple juices as well - Gerson Therapy successfully treats patients with cancer who are no longer given a chance -Dr. Max Gerson has developed the treatment of many other diseases through his dietetic approach and detoxification for the best critical diseases is carrot juice with a few apples while posting from solid foods as well as regular enema so take a lot of carrots and keep them well in the refrigerator or in a cold cellar then make juice out of them adding a few apples, celery, beets and using a slow speed squeaker with mastication do not keep the juice and drink fresh juices immediately after they are squeezed are very healthy.


If you read this article you will definitely change your opinion of this miraculous vegetable. thank you


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