The properties of the potato

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The potato was discovered in-Peru and then introduced into Spain and Italy, during the famine, the French adopted it in the kitchen and recognized its food properties, that is a miraculous vegetable from me. thank you for your support.


With a variety of uses in the kitchen, potato is recognized for many health benefits, eg raw potato juice is used to treat stomach acidity and ulcers, having a calming and healing effect on digestive mucous membranes and also because of the iron complex, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and zinc, potato contributes to building and maintaining bone structure and human health, so I write these articles for you community members Steemit.


Potatoes are the fourth source of food energy after rice, wheat and corn, potatoes are the most popular vegetables in the world, grown in over 120 countries and consumed more than a billion people a day, raw potato juice treats gastric acid and ulcers , having a calming and healing effect on the digestive mucosa and is emollient, good diuretic and antispasmodic, and iron, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and zinc from potatoes contribute to the building and maintenance of bone structure, and fiber, potassium, vitamin C and vitamin-B6 from potato together with its lack of cholesterol support the health of the heart so potato is an excellent source of carbohydrates present in the form of starch and is effective in treating burns, frostbite, skin cracks, ulcerations and edema of the eyelids and potato packs acting on muscle and joint pain is a miracle of nature this vegetable.


There are different ways to prepare potatoes in puree, potatoes in shell, cooked or steamed, fried potatoes or chips, cut cubes and chopped cooked steaks in stew, raisins and fried or dumplings can be used on soups for example and so continue .. I hope that this article will be useful to you. I wish you success in the art of cooking.


When consumed in large quantities, these compounds can cause headaches, weakness, muscle cramps, and in severe cases loss of consciousness and coma, however potato poisoning occurs very rarely, so you should be moderate in potato consumption. .


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Buenos dí, excelente información, cuando era más pequeña mi mamá me preparaba en puré, fritas, rellenas con carne pero ahorita imposible comprarla y la carne mucho menos, el venezolano hace maraña para poder comer y sucistir. Lo que comen bien son los mecánicos, los militares y los que están con el gobierno. Sino se saben cómo las madre van a comprar los uniformes escolares esttan muy costoso s Stan incomparables por eso yo estoy reuniendo en steemit a ver que me alcanza para comprar cuando vaya a entrar a inició del nuevo año escolar.

Estoy muy bien informado sobre lo que está sucediendo en Venezuela. Espero que la gente esté derrotando después de todo. No debes perder la creencia de tu alma. Cómo espero ser bueno en todo el mundo También aquí, en Stemmit, tenemos la oportunidad de ser mejores. necesitamos mucho trabajo y pasión en lo que hacemos, ponemos muchas publicaciones interesantes y quizás alguien agradece nuestro trabajo nieuscarin

I love potatos...they have great history ... And you can prepare them in so many cool ways and every one of them is delicious :D

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