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I love Plantains!
Yes, I do!
I can eat it at any time of the day either raw, fried, roasted or boiled. Either ways work perfectly for me.
I am equally happy to eat my Plantains solo or paired with other main meals as a side dish.

And those people that don’t like eating this yummy dish, I can’t really come to terms on how they cope.
Now let these colourful goodies brighten up your tummy 😄👌😘😋
The recipe is pretty straightforward......
Just slice up the plantains, salt them and deep fry them in hot vegetable oil until golden brown in appearance.
Now enjoy!

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Great my friend, if you cut the platains horizontal and Cook them in low heat are better, always Cook them wen they are madure. Almoust black :)

Thanks for your comment.
Well, you can cut the plantain in whichever manner you desire - different shapes, different sizes but wonderful outcome.

perfect snack for evening just mouthwatering to me : )

Absolutely perfect for the evening.