Food, Tea and good poetry!

in #food3 years ago

Well, food and poetry are two of my favorite things to do. I am never bored because I am always doing things that I am passionate about.

I always tell that "Passion breaks the mundane" and one winter morning I found myself in a city with the best food and poetry culture; Pune, India.

I was scheduled to perform oat one of the poetry sessions that evening and I was hungry and tired from the night-long journey.

The moment my head landed on the hotel bed I fell asleep. You know how the hotel beds are; soft, comfy, fluffy, and white as snow from the poles.

I woke up late in the noon and I called room service and asked told them that I will be having my breakfast in bed.

The hotel staff was really nice and they brought me some bread butter and a dosa. It was delicious and satisfying to eat something after a good sleep.

I then got up, got dressed, and went out as per my schedule.

I spent the evening reading my poetry and listening to other talented poets. They served an awesome cup of coffee in a clay cup and it was one of the best tea I had in a long time.


It turned out to be a memorable day and when I reach my hotel I was tired and I fell asleep soon.

Now that's all from my side for now. Do share your favorite foods and also tell me if you love writing or reading poetry!

See ya soon!