Dating my Ex-Girlfriend at Backyard Burgers

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Me and my wife seldom go out and date. We have always been busy with our job that’s why it would be so unlikely for us to celebrate our love even at our special day. Well, not this time. I was so eager to try out the other branch of a local burger chain here in Davao City which I fell in love the first time I tried their burgers. It was way way back the time when we are still strangers. Just like how I fell in love with it, I want her to fell in love to it too.

I bought her to Backyard Burgers Obrero branch, their branch that is nearest to our location. We arrived at the place 15 minutes before they close doors, thankfully, they still catered us. They close at 10:00PM but they usually let the customers stay until 10:30PM so we still have enough time to eat.



We ordered two(2) of their best sellers; Japanese Oishii Bacon burger and Cheesy Steak burger. The order surprisingly comes up with free fries and Iced tea and is enticingly served to us 10 minutes after the order was made. That was fast. Or maybe, they are just in a hurry to finally go home and rest. lol.


BB Cheesy Steak Burger

My wife’s order was the Cheesy Steak burger for the price of 195.00Php. Her burger comes with The buttered black sesame bun topped with cheddar cheese, 100% imported Australian beef patty, Mozzarella, then filled with Cheese sauce, a layer of Yakiniku beef strips, caramelized Onions then filled again with their homemade steak sauce and finally topped with fries. It was really a cheesy overload burgerrific meal that left my wife speechless and a two thumbs up! Winner!


BB Japanese Oishii Bacon Burger

My order was the Japanese Oishii Bacon burger for the price of 185.00Php which has a 100% pure imported beef patty that is charcoal grilled, topped with cheddar cheese, fresh slice of Lettuce, Cucumber and Onions with strips of deep fried Pork bacon. It was then filled with Wasabi-Mayo sauce and julienned seaweed Nori. And of course the buttered black sesame bun completed the menu. The whole ingredient created a delicious fusion of heavenly opulent taste that made me eaten it bare hands for a more unforgettable dining experience. Winner!


What’s unique about this homegrown burger chain is that they are the first one to offer a fully customized burger of your own. Although we did not try their “make your own burger” skit, it surely was a unique marketing style to let Dabawenyos create their own burger menu for the first time. They will also let you decide the grilling of the patty according to your liking. How about that?



I'm joyful that I was able to enjoy a date with my ex-girlfriend. To be honest, since we got married, we spent fewer and fewer times going out as a couple and it sucks. But still, I am thankful that we still find time to enjoy the presence of each other even though it is only once in a while. I am also thankful that I am successful about my agenda in making her fell in love to my favorite burger chain in town. It was like I was trying to win her heart by enticing her with mouth watering food. Haha.


Although we seldom spend a date night out, I will make sure that this will just be one of the many more dates we will celebrate together as we grow older. Cheers to more burgerrific meals and love to come!

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You two look really happy! This hamburger post made me hungry.

...created a delicious fusion of heavenly opulent taste

This quote may have made me even hungrier! Glad to see you enjoy your night out with the wife!

It is because of the burger. Haha. The taste was superb and very addicting. Yummy!

Both are looking so happy and beautiful 👍

Thank you so much :)

Wow sir !!! Mukhang masarap dyan hah. Masubukan nga buti nalang meron din dito sa Quezon City. Kala ko sa Davao lang yung branch. Hehe Thank you for sharing your experience.

Meron na din pala jan? ang layo na ng inabot nila. Hehe. Masarap din kasi talaga ang servings nila kaya siguro nag boom tlaga.

wonderful times. you both look like you enjoyed your dining experience at the burger joint. Your post is featured in @bayanihan's 31st Philippines' Curation Updates. Upvoted 100%!

Thank you so much sir @bayanihan. It is an honor to be featured by you sir :)

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Is she healed now from shingles? Good to see you both having fun.