Biscuit Cake with Venezuelan Cocoa Pastry Cream and Gelatin.

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Offer you this time to prepare an unusual sweet dessert recipe "Biscuit Cake with Pastry Cream of Venezuelan Cocoa and Gelatin." I tell you that it is simple to prepare this cake called in Marquee country with great flavor and colorful delicious, nutritious and natural this rich sweet combined sweet biscuits pastry cream with Venezuelan cocoa one of the proven over the years as one of the best of the world and jelly that is a collagen supplier; This cake is an exquisite dessert that I assure you will love ideal so I will do it and you can prepare it at any date to be shared in families and friends, you will not regret obviously certify this exquisite and secret culinary recipe.

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cookie (from French galette) is a small and flat, sweet or savory food product, baked normally made from flour, eggs, sugar, and / or butter, cooking oil and other oils or fats. It can include more ingredients such as raisins, oatmeal, chocolate chips, amaranth or nuts, coconut and others.

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In small plantations of the coastal valleys, the plains and the foothills of the Andes, Venezuelan farmers have developed the art of growing the finest varieties of Creole and Trinitarian cocoa for generations.

centuries, experts have agreed on a basic reality: Venezuelan cocoa is the most tasty and aromatic in the world and Chocolates.

Chocolate is made with the grains of a beautiful tropical plant with a very suggestive name: Theobroma cacao, "the food of the gods." Cocoa grows in the hot and humid forests around the world, sheltered by canopies of taller trees.

A mature plant can give twenty to forty ears a year. Each ear contains twenty to forty almond grains, wrapped in a marble-colored gelatinous substance with a delicious bitter taste. Depending on its variety, a cocoa plant can produce one to three kilos of dried grains per year.

Spanish conquerors became fascinated with the chocolate drinks they tasted in Mayan and Aztec lands. His detailed accounts contributed to the association of cocoa with Mexico. However, the place of birth of cocoa is South America.

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gelatin is a gel colloid (i.e. a semi-solid mixture at room temperature), colorless, translucent, brittle and tasteless.

Gelatin is a complex protein, that is, a polymer composed of amino acids. As with polysaccharides, the degree of polymerization, the nature of the monomers and the sequence in the protein chain determine their general properties. A notable property of the solutions of this molecule is its behavior against different temperatures: they are liquid in hot water (sun-like colloid) and solidify in cold water (gel-like colloid).

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Ingredients used:To make "Biscuit Cake with Pastry Cream of Venezuelan Cocoa and Gelatin."

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  • 20 Sweet round cookies
  • 60 Grams of Venezuelan cocoa
  • 1/2 Liter of liquid milk.
  • 4 Tablespoon sugar
  • 1 Strawberry jelly
  • 5 Tablespoons corn starch
  • 2-1 / 2 Cups of water

Processing Steps:

1.-Proceed to dissolve the cornstarch in milk a container is added sugar to taste and carried to the stove and cocoa is added, stir well until it thickens and allowed to cool.

2.-The gelatin is dissolved in water and placed on the fire and when boiled it is removed from the fire and allowed to cool.


3.- Place the cookies previously passed through liquid milk in a bowl and add the cocoa pastry cream on top of them and make several layers of cookies and custard.


4.-Add the strawberry flavor jelly on top of the preparation and refrigerate for 1 hour.

5.- Ready the preparation "Biscuit Cake with Pastry Cream of Venezuelan Cocoa and Gelatin. ”We serve diners this exquisite combination the taste of chocolate (cocoa) is addictive to the palate.


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