A Naughty Bunny Cocktail + Carrot Cake Shooters! 👯🥕🍸 (EASTER RECIPES + VIDEO TUTORIALS)

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Hoppy Easter Friends! 🐰

Tipsy Cottontail shakes up a Naughty Bunny Cocktail for grown-up kiddies just in time for Easter Sunday brunch! 😍


This tempting tipple is like a boozy Easter basket just for adults! A Naughty Bunny is filled to the brim with treats like vanilla vodka, triple sec, carrot strawberry juice, chocolate, and marshmallow bunnies.

Watch How to Make a Naughty Bunny:

Fun Facts

Carrot juice is an excellent source of vitamin A (beta-carotene) as well as vitamins C, E, K & B6. 🥕

In 1953, it took 27 hours to produce just one marshmallow Peep! 🐥 As of this decade, it takes only six minutes. Now as many as 4.2 million Peeps, bunnies and other shapes can be made per day.

Tipsy Cottontail shakes up another naughty drink that tastes as easy as it is to make... like a piece of cake!

Learn how to make a Carrot Cake Shooter with Baileys Irish Cream and butterscotch and cinnamon schnapps.

Watch How to Make Carrot Cake Shooters:

💡 Tipsy Tip: If you like your shot to really sparkle, substitute cinnamon schnapps with Goldschläger.

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seems like a great and healthy way to pass Easter! what happens though if someone pulls on your fluffy little furry tail?! :D

Bunnies have big teeth. Hands off the bun buns ; ) ...

Quisiera tener tu ingenio con las recetas. Felices pascuas!! ❤🐰

Yes, I can get a little carried away with presenting video recipes. I hope you had a lovely holiday weekend ; )

Muy bonita Michelle, también te deseo felices pascuas.
Te cuento un anécdota con zanahorias, viendo tu receta recordé que de pequeño la comía rallada con azúcar, me parecía una delicia.
El cóctel, se ve realmente delicioso

Very nice Michelle, I also wish you happy Easter.
I tell you an anecdote with carrots, watching your recipe remember that as a child I ate it grated with sugar, it seemed a delight.
The cocktail, it looks really delicious

Saw you stopped by at my account many times, thanks for that! decided to follow, eventhough I dont drink, Upvoted for the time you put in keep them coming! so I know what to serve my guest haha

Thinking of your guests means you're a most excellent host. Thanks for stopping by ; )

I thought you didn´t publish for a long time..and you just came with the most cute Easter Bunny :)
Enjoy your Easter Holiday, Michelle :)

Thank you! I hope you had a nice holiday weekend yourself ; )

Oh nice friend, Especially your carrot cake was excellent idea. Thank you for your especial idea making delicious food.
Yes, This post resteemed by @jareen61.

You're quite welcome @jareen61

I really enjoyed this post ... Happy Easter to you all in here... Nice one @michellectv

Bravo! Photography very nice done

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so pretty!

What a lovely way to spend and celebrate Easter, Thumbs Up!

Michelle! I need to ask you something private! because i can't send a private message