Debate! Is this a slice of bread or toast? #RESPECTTHEBREAD

in #food9 months ago

Hey all,

A debate between me, @ciderjunkie and @simplegame over this concept?

What would you call this?

A) A slice of bread.

B) A Toast

slice of bread.jpg
(Image taken from Google).

Today I never thought I would have a debate over this. I appreciate different cultures but this deserves a debate,

This is very important for scientific research.

Many thanks,



Who ordered the 100% TOAST, it's not a !PIZZA with !BEER and !WINE ?
Btw. the Pizza was made with !LUV ;-) !LOL Now you're !ONEUP

But this is still a toast!!!

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If you arrest a mime...
Do you have to tell them they have the right to remain silent?

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Wow, thanks for everyone who participated. It's so interesting to see what other cultures call the most simple everyday items.