A stoners food diary #2 - Squid braised on red wine

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Hello steemers!

Decided to go to Mundoaka again since I liked the Black Angus burger so much.
I smoked a nice spliff to get my taste ready and started my way.

This time I ordered something quite different, squid braised on red wine with mashed white beans and chickpeas.

The squid was a bit hard, but nothing really too serious (I life squids so I'm a pretty critic once it comes to them).
Mashed white beans was a first for me, really nice alternative for mashed potato, did like that one allot!

For desert i had a nice big doughnut!

It had chocolate with pistachio on the top.
The inside was filled with custard an cherry, somehow it makes me want to say the doughnut was refreshing!

This was another tasty and visually well performed visit to Mundoaka, been there 2 times, was really surprised by the looks and the taste of the food both times.

Hope you guys enjoyed another entry of my food diary! Keep it high!

Kind regards, OZ :)


next time you have the squid with wine escort it with some rice. and let me know how it went :D

This looks like a really nice restaurant with an interesting menu.
Definitely made me want to dine there. :)

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