Chinese Food Adventures: #8-JianBing

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For those of you that love streetfood this is one of the most popular in Beijing. Simply put, it's just a crepe pancake wrapped around a selection of fillings. I got this one at around 7 in the morning before getting on a charter bus so the location was perfect. Right by the subway exit.

The fillings I chose here were griddled red colored chicken, chili sauce, sesame paste, chives, pickled root vegetables, and a large wonton cracker.

Like most Chinese food they use much too much oil, and if you're lucky it won't be recycled oil, but for about $0.80 it makes the perfect early morning breakfast or late night hangover cure.

Photograph taken with my Google Pixel XL


Nice! Looks delicious, but recycled oil is kind of a heart attack diet isn't it? How is it to live in Beijing btw, do you recommend it or is it too hectic?

Well using recycled oil is totally illegal here, but it doesn't stop many people from using it to save money. Beijing is fine, but the pollution is awful and a lot of times it seems like the city has a facade pretending to be a nice place, when really, as Obi Wan would say, "a wretched hive of scum and villainy." That being said, if you have to be here for business there's a lot of money to be made, but most foreigners I know are just counting down the days until we can leave. Shanghai is better, and Hong Kong isn't even really China (at least not culturally which is nice). It is a fine place to visit though if you were thinking of coming.

Ok, thanks for the advice. I love fresh air:) Yes, I want to go to Asia, but I know next to nothing about the continent. Steem on!

Oooo that looks delicious! I love savory crepes :)

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Cheap eats are the best!

This looks so delicious @realcodysimon!!!!
Street food is the greatest and even better for something that costs $0.80

This looks yummy

There was once a time in my life when working at a rather rural university campus that appeared to be a good walk away from what one would usually refer to as 'civilisation,' that I would practically live on Jianbings sold by the nearby street food vendors.

They aren't exactly the healthiest thing ever, but they are yet another one of those fantastic Chinese dishes that deserve more recognition around the world. There's apparently somebody in London offering them to gullible hipsters at £5 a pop, so there's still hope yet.

What's more, one can get pretty creative when it comes to the fillings or the batter. One of my preferred local vendors offers a wholegrain batter variation and other vendors offer absolute monstrosities filled with excessive amounts of ingredients that turn what it is supposed to be a humble handheld street snack into something that requires a knife, a fork and a change of t-shirt when you've finished eating it.

hi, it looks very nice.