Remember Remember... Guy Fawkes' Purple Shepherd's Pie

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Welcome back my fellow revolutionists!

It's the weekend and just in time to serve up some of this colorful deliciousness. Not only will I show you how to make the best mashed caulitaters you've ever had, but I'll demonstrate how to combine them into this cake-like pie. It's all about the layers. This might even make a good April fools' joke or at the very least, impress your mom.

How do we get this beautiful purple icing color? You just have to find a purple cauliflower and I'm told they're more rare than a gold foil Archmage Arius so if you can't find one, a regular one will do just fine.


Besides the cool look, you'll taste how much flavor is packed in each layer, which is pretty impressive considering the amount of veggies. And best of all, it's full of the protein and nutrients your body craves without any of the grease, carbs and sugars it doesn't need.

I have to say that this dish will take some time but all I ask is that you go for it once and I promise you won't be disappointed. You will have leftovers for at least three days so think of the prep and cooking time as a small investment that will pay out in no-cook-just-microwave dividends.

I'd like to dedicate this recipe to Guy Fawkes. As the current symbol of privacy and defiance against corruption, Fawkes represents a belief that injustice can and should be fought. My favorite quote of his shows the level of his commitment to the cause he so arduously believed in and eventually died for:

"A desperate disease requires a dangerous remedy."

Caulitater Ingredients:

2 lg - Cauliflower heads (1 white, 1 purple)
4 heaping tbsps - Greek Yogurt
2 tsps - Ghee
2 tsps - Garlic (minced)
2 tsps - Salt (Kosher/Himalayan)
1 tsp - Black Pepper (ground)

[Optional] No-Salt Seasoning (Mrs Dash or Kirkland)
[Optional] Parmesan

Pie Ingredients:

1 lb - Turkey (ground)
½ cup - Onion (chopped)
1 cup - Red Dred Salsa
1 12oz bag - Frozen Peas & Carrots
1 12oz bag - Frozen Green beans
1 tsps - Salt (Kosher/Himalayan)
½ tsp - Black Pepper (ground)

Cooking Ingredients:

1 tbsp - Coconut Oil

Caulitater Instructions:

1 - De-stem and cut the white cauliflower into 2-inch florets
2 - Dampen a sheet of paper towels and place on a 8x8 inch glass baking dish
3 - Place the florets in the dish and cover with another damp paper towel sheet
4 - Microwave for 7 minutes or until the color lightens and the texture is soft

5 - Repeat steps 1-4 with the purple cauliflower

6 - Split the caulitater ingredients in half and add them to your blender/mixer
7 - Add in the white cauliflower

8 - Remove from blender once you get a nice and creamy texture

9 - Repeat steps 6-8 with the purple cauliflower

Pie Instructions:

1 - Microwave the frozen veggies in a large glass bowl for about 7 minutes, mix and then again for 3 minutes (drain and dry)
2 - In a medium pan, add in half of the coconut oil and set to medium heat
3 - Add in the onions and cook for a few minutes until brown
4 - Once the onions are browned, turn up the heat to high
5 - Season the turkey with the salt and pepper and sear both sides in the pan with the other half of the oil

6 - Break it up until it's still pink in the middle, remove from heat and strain

7 - Preheat the oven to broil
8 - Add the turkey to the bottom of a 13x9 inch glass baking dish
9 - Add in about 3/4 of the steamed veggie mix
10 - Top with the salsa and spread evenly

11 - Add in the white caulitaters and spread evenly
12 - Repeat with the purple caulitaters
13 - Lightly sprinkle the top with the no-salt seasoning and parmesan

14 - Broil for 20 minutes

15 - Enjoy!

One of the most amazing aspects of the Steemit platform is that it allows all of us to anonymously voice our opinions, to debate ideas and (in my case) to share recipes with the entire community around the globe. Our personal information is available to the highest bidder; from mega corporations to darknet markets. Since we are the product, remaining vigilant about our privacy is of utmost importance. Using private browsers, creating more complex and longer passwords, and using VPN's are just a few of the many methods available to keep us somewhat protected.

In the future, I believe that becoming invisible online will be essential not only for our safety and mental well-being but for a list of other impending "diseases" yet to be discovered that await those who's online presence is an open book.

Stay private, buy crypto and as always, COOK!

My contribution to the revolutionist movement will be to turn the recipes I post on this blog into The Revolutionist Cookbook and eventually open a restaurant where only cryptocurrency is accepted. Where tipping won’t be necessary as everyone will be paid full salaries and where simple and healthy ingredients will meet delicious cuisine. Like open source code, all of my recipes will be available to the public in full detail and any improvements offered will be embraced and possibly added to the menu in their perfected form. Any donations to the cause are much appreciated either by up-vote or wallet of choice below.



Wow! This looks amazing and is making me hungry. I can tell you put a lot of thought and effort into your recipes. Thanks again for sharing such a fantastic recipe with us.

Thank you @atalaya. I appreciate the comment and the love!

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