My Latte-art. Joke on Ethereum idol

in #food5 years ago

Hello! :)

I was made this latte art just for fun :)

Where try to draw a mystical creature with ETH symbol in hands.

As usual some more pictures of my creative process:

Thank you for your time!


Забавная идея :)

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This one is fantastic.

Давненько не видела вашего кофе:)

Немного забросил посты. Но творю постоянно

Возвращайтесь, я люблю ваше творчество:)

А зря, хорошо же заходят)

I see a dragon holding some ETH. Cool! you should make more of these.

very cool. Nice details.

Dragon of Ethereum

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how do you do this ?? it's cool !!

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