Restaruant Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Spiga - Pizza, Pasta and More

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What's important in a restaurant?


Piping hot bread on the table moments after ordering was a great start. I have to ask myself if that was what inspired the etched glass logo.

As most of you know, I am more leaning on the side of variety than looking to compare pasta all day. I also miss many of the foods I was accustomed to eating when I lived in the former USA. But today, we were out and about shopping for clothes. I hate shopping for clothes. After several bad experiences but some successes, we were starving.

street sign entre rio and mexico

I can't tell you what neighborhood this is in but it's somewhere between Once and San Telmo.

I will want to find this place again, so I shot this picture to remind myself where it is. I use my blog as a "life bookmark" system as much as anything else. I send buyers to Steemit when they ask where we are going to meet to exchange Dash or Ethereum (and now maybe some Bitcoins if it stabilizes). This is where we meet.

I keep steemit links handy then text them out to people when making plans. This one will be helpful at some point - thus the street sign.

spiga pizza and pasta

This place is billed as a pizza place. If I had read the green sign, I may have blown right past it - not a big fan of pasta. I have found very few pizza places here that compare to Chicago's style, but a few that are good anyway. Hey, it's a matter of opinion.

As far as pasta goes? I avoid fresh pasta. I am the kind of person who cooks a family-size spaghetti dinner and then puts it in the fridge for tomorrow without ever eating a bite. I prefer next day, unless it's the "salsa blanca" kind (white sauce). I love clam sauces on pasta when at the beach or near the sea.

chicken mushroom and balls

Enough on my opinions of Pizza and Pasta in Buenos Aires. Just know that there are plenty that serve these two things, nearly one on every corner.

Naturally, I order anything but... Same for my son...

I got the boneless chicken thigh, covered in muchrooms and delicious sauce and surrounded by round french fries. This exceeded my expectations in every way.

And the waiter was kind enough to offer to bring the coffee to the table with the food. My first ten years here were hell trying to make that happen. I was also given a turn with the pepper shaker. As is the norm, only one exists in the entire establishment. They bring it and wait until you are done using it.

insde at lunch time

Another rarity found at this particular restaurante is an attempt at acoustic dampening. I am not even sure if I have seen an attempt at allowing conversation to take place in any restaurant during my nearly twenty years here. I have all but stopped eating out at prime time for this very reason. It's a shouting match with echo added in most establishments. The reason that I noticed the contours and foam baffles on the ceiling was because I could not hear the conversations of people at other tables. Normally you can't hear the person 16 inches from you due to the conversation at the next table. Proof positive, this is a first that I have seen here. in Argentina. Spiga did it though.

I give this one four stars out of five.

  • fast service
  • ability to converse
  • heavenly bread
  • available pepper
  • coffee with the food (I am American- this is necessary)
  • portions and quality excellent



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thanks for sharing - no idea such resto situation exists - acoustic dampening?
what's important in a resto you asked? The food! The chow :D
then the service like you said
and the price I guess
then the ambiance though - this makes me pay more here

glad to know am not the only one who likes a day old pasta - I agree it tastes better a day after
I reheat it though

You are welcome @sponge-bob don't forget me when you become super rich. Will support you continuously with my upvotes and comments. :-). Resteemed this post. :-)

@sponge-bob, I hate having the yell over a small table. A restaurant her locally has amazing food but it has terrible acoustics. I would freak if I didn't have pepper at the table.

When it comes to pasta and soup, they always taste better the next day. You always get a complete marriage of flavors after a day in refrigerator.

I could go for some delicious pizza now. Thank you so much for the entertaining post and Steem On.

It's my wacky personality. Thanks for your continued comments and support. Not everyone gets my jokes.

Great review, hope Spiga would see this and give you a month free supply of boneless chicken thigh. Cheers!

Muy buen post y sobretodo muy tentador!!!


Hace muchísimo tiempo he disfrutado una pizza de ahí, se ve muy rico todo!!!

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great review. mann .. food looks yummy .
thanks for sharing this post

That was really cool look like you had an amazing day there.

Glad I found your page @sponge-bob!

BOB! muy bueno! espero un día que hagamos un blog juntos. Te espero por este país... Saludos!!

Te dejo mi post mas reciente

un hermoso lugar escondido


Thanks for going through my post, I have a lot to learn from you. I would love some advice

interesting review - makes me hungry!

Amo todo lo que tenga hongos, así que se ve delicioso ese plato con "bolas".

PD: Estoy aburrido en la oficina. Puedo hacerte una firma mas animada si lo deseas.

Is really cool, more and more happy to be here, thanks for posting

Agree with the sound dampening. I like to relax with my food. Hard to find a place with both good food and a laid back atmosphere unless you eat out at the less busy times.

Good thing is you can find special offers off peak.

Interesting review, reading about restaurant makes me hungry! hahaha
Congrats for your 1000 followers too.

Pizza??!!! Oh, thanks for the photo))) I hope that someday I will also be able to find that place)))))

always good to know some good restaurants/ but I guess I will never be in buenosaires

Yes you will if you hold your Steem and it goes to $200 (or better yet $900)

and I will take you out to dinner!

Great article man! Food looks tasty! Thank you so much for your support!

Pizza and pasta these both has to be in any restaurant. Without them it's like half missing.

Nice post!👏

very amazing post i liked.

We have something in common we both hate shopping for clothes. On the other hand the food looks so delicious OMG :'( :D. And the name 'SPIGA' is actually a great name to give to a restaurant :D.

I quit smoking 5 years ago. I try not to eat too much but I do try to eat really tasty food - hehe. Can't help posting about it!

That's What Life Is All About :D

When I quit smoking I could taste so much better after a while. Important for a foodie.

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I like this review so freaking much !