Delicious Ancient Thai Dessert: Khao Niew Piak Khao Pod or Soft sweet sticky rice with corn and coconut cream

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I'm not good at cooking, but I think it's better and safer to cook my meals by myself during the crisis situation of COVID 19 like this. (I sometimes order foods via grab food delivery if I would like to eat some special foods.)

Apart from main meals, desserts are also essential for my life. And ancient Thai desserts are the best for me... ;D

There are various kinds of them and they are very hard to find around my area nowadays. So, I have to try cooking them by myself as well.

It’s unfortunate that I can cook only easy desserts. (as I already showed you in the past.) Today, I would like to present to you another easy one.

It’s called in Thai as “Khao Niew Piak Khao Pod”.

Khao Niew means Sticky Rice
Khao Pod means Corn
Piak means Wet or in this case, means Soak in the Coconut cream

or it can be explained in English as “Soft sweet sticky rice with corn and coconut cream”.

I’m a corn lover, so I love this dessert especially. ;)

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Let’s see the ingredients:

  • Boiled corn - up to your favorite
  • Sticky rice - 1 bowl
  • Water - 3 bowl
  • Sugar - 1 - 2 bowls or up to your favorite
  • Coconut cream - 1 bowl
  • Salt - 1 tea-spoon

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How to cook it:

  • Boil the sticky rice, stir well until the rice looks soft
  • Add sugar
  • Add boiled corn
  • Stir softly until they are mixed
  • Turn off the stove

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Then prepare for the coconut cream

  • Boil coconut + water (½ bowl)
  • Add salt
  • Stir well until it’s cooked

Finish and ready to serve by putting the soft sticky rice with corn in a bowl first, and then pour the coconut cream on the top.

ancient Thai dessert.jpg

Um! I must confess this is the first time that I cooked this dessert. I'm glad that it looks so good. Do you agree with me? ;D

And it's very delicious, too! ;)


While I was studying in school, I had this dessert at lunch.

Yeah! I'm so glad to know that you also had this dessert at lunch while you were studying in school. Thanks a lot for stopping by. ;)

You’re welcome.

This dessert very first time I heard because it's various recipe for us.
However thanks for introduced different cultural peoples on this community. I'm glad to eat it and I hope it'll so tasty when we'll prepare this kind of meal.

Thanks so much for your nice comment. I'm happy that you found this dessert interesting. Although it is not as famous as other desserts in Thailand, it's very yummy. If you try it, you will love it, for sure! ;)

Oh! You are very good! I could be never get this right! Wanna have a bowl!!

Ah! "A bowl" may not be enough.....I'll give you two! ;D Thanks a lot! I'm glad that you like it. ;)

Hahaha! You seem to know that I would ask for more!! LoL
Thanks very much!

You're welcome! Haha! I'm glad that I know you well in this case.... ;)

Wow New Recipes experience and good work.

Thanks a lot! I'm glad that you found it interesting. ;)

Looks so healthy and tasty too much to try thanks for sharing this delicious stuff

Thanks so much for your nice comment. I'm happy that you like this dessert. It's very delicious indeed. ;)

MMMMM.... Looks great! I've never had it with corn... I think I tried this once at a restaurant with mangos?

Thanks so much for your nice comment and for stopping by. I'm glad you like this.

In the meantime, the sticky rice and coconut cream with mangos is one of the most popular desserts in Thailand. It's really delicious. If you visit Thailand, I would recommend you to try it here. ;)