Stay At Home Food Contest – Win Neoxag and Foodie Tokens

in #foodielast year (edited)

Most of us are eating at home since many countries are still having lockdown.

We should support and encourage everyone to eat at home whenever they can especially it is a good way to bond as a family while staying safe away from others.

Stay at home food contest banner.jpg

With Neoxian and Foodie tribes shifted to Hive platform, I decided to hold my first food contest on the platform.

I will set aside a total prize pool of 500 Neoxag and 500 Foodie tokens for this food contest.

Simple Contest Rules:

  1. Make a post with a picture and short description of one meal that you have at home on hive platform.
  2. Share your link as a comment in this post.
  3. Use neoxian and foodie tags in your post.
  4. Contest ends on 12 May 2020 (Tuesday).


1st winner – 200 neoxag + 200 foodie
2nd winner – 100 neoxag + 100 foodie
3rd winner - 50 neoxag + 50 foodie
5 Consolation prizes – 30 neoxag + 30 foodie

Eat at home and stay safe!

This contest has ended and no more entry is accepted!