Some Memories Of Fifa World Cup 2002, South Korea & Japan

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 Memories of the FIFA WORLD CUP, 1934 to 2014

2002 FIFA WORLD CUP, 31 May to 20 June.

32 Team, 64 Match And 161 Goals.

Ronaldo got the Golden Boot Award to score 08 goals. 

Oliver Kahn Got Golden Ball Award.

Best Young Player Award Winner Was Landon Donovan.

FIfa Fair Play Trophy Winner Was Belgium Team.

Most Entertainment Team Was Korea.

Two hat-tricks took place in this tournament

Brazil got the fifth World Cup with the help of Ronaldo.

Three players Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Rivaldo, showed the amazing game, and all three players name starts R of alphabet. Due to the amazing game of these three strikers, Brazil became the first country to win the fifth World Cup. Brazil beat Germany 2-0 in the final. Hero Ronaldo of Brazil's victory in the final. These two goals were scored by them. Although the most spectacular goal of the tournament, his partner Ronaldinho had a stellar goal from 40 yards on England's free-kick in the Quarter Final. Turkey won the third place by defeating South Korea 3-2 in the thrilling contest.

Fifa World Cup Held On First Time In Asia.

The first time the World Cup was hosted by Asia. This was the first time in this World Cup tournament, when two countries South Korea and Japan organized it together. After this, Asian countries did not get a chance again.

Last champion already out in round

Past champion France got out in the group stage. The Argentina team, which is considered to be the hidden power, has also been unable to cross the group stage.

Fastest goal.

Hakan Sukur do a goal in only 10.8 second, in match of against South Korea. And this became the fastest goal in Fifa Cup history.


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