Some Memories Of Fifa World Cup 2010, South Africa

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 Memories of the FIFA WORLD CUP, 1934 to 2014

2010 FIFA WORLD CUP, 11 June to 11 July.

32 Team, 64 Match And 145 Goals.

Thomas Muller got the Golden Boot Award to score 05 goals. 

Deigo Forlan Got Golden Ball Award.

Best Young Player Award Winner Was Thomas Muller.

FIfa Fair Play Trophy Winner Was Spain.

Spain had to wait 76 years for the World Cup title.

The Spanish team finally succeeded 76 years later as the world's title. Spain made their debut in World Cup in 1934. After defeating 0-1 against Switzerland in the first match of the group stage, Spain not only returned, but made the place for the first time in the final and also became world champion. In the final, in the extra time of Andre Iniesta, on the basis of a single goal, Spain won the trophy. Spain became the eighth country to become world champion. Germany defeated Uruguay 3-2 to finish third.

And Everyone Remembered, Shakira Famous Song, waka waka- This Time For Africa.

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