How Much Do you Love Football?

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Hello Friends do you like football??

I love Football more than anything else
I can't live without football


Football is like life - it requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication and respect for authority



I am addicted to watching football

How much do you love football? Please let us know in comment


I also like soccer, we share something in common. regards

I am like a die hard fan of firstly FOOTBALL and then Cristiano Ronaldo. I dont understand whether its my passion or addiction towards football but i leave everything else just to play or watch it. Thanks for sharing @football-365.

I like very much watch Futboll, my favorite team is Bayern Munich and for me, Thomas Muller is the best player ever, I can't wait to September for Champions League to start

It's my occupation. I would say I love it also 😁

Football is more that a simple game for me. This sport is an important part of my happines and life. Since I 'm a child my best memories are connected with a ball. Football is passion. So much people say that people like you or me are mads but that people will never understand the fellings that generate this magic game. If you like srtories about football check my blog bro . We need to show steemit how big is the love for this game