Sports Talk Social - Fantasy Premier League - Get in or Get outta here!

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When I saw @blanchy post about the Fantasy Premier League here I knew I couldn't resist a chance to show off my mooves.

That's right. When it comes to footy and team pickin, this boy here has the mooves. In fact I got so many mooves I names my team - Moos Like Jagger. Keep an eye on them. In fact put some money on them. They are gonna romp home with all the prizes.

Prizes? Thats right. There is 50,000 sports tokens and 500 SBI up for grabs for the winner (winners?) - Who could resist such sexy talk?

So if you havent entered yet, get in!

I am proud to be a part of it, you can see me below.

Hey, what's that? Top of the league already? Don;t worry, it's probably just a premonition. I mean, it can't be a foregone conclusion already, can it? Can it?


I can see there is some strict competition which makes it all the more exciting when I crush all that lay before me.

To the walls!!


@spamfarmer thanks for taking part you divil . I can imagine your team chicken walking and pointing in the air on the attack. Lets hope for all our sakes that you cant get no satisfaction .

Hahahahahhahaa!!! Oh yes indeed! I'm rumbled!

The satisfaction will be all mine! :OD

Heheheh well if you are already in top I'm in 3th place! Be prepared ;)

I'm ready!! ;0)

If you're keen to, you can join my league too here is the code - 26qb2d

I totally will!!!

Some interesting selections there. I like it. Thanks for entering 😀

Hehe, sometimes I am a bit random! :OD

@spamfarmer Hello dear friend. Thank you very much for letting us know this information, I will have to go there, and see if I can put together a good team. Successes dear friend
I wish you a great day.

Please do put a team in @jlufer! If you arent in it you cant win it!

Have a great day!

Oh no i need to get out of here ;p but wait i need to make my team ; )

GEt that team done!! :OD