From FOREX COT GBPJPY to Nasdaq Fat Finger Bears

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Price is 156.506. Hella bounce outa zone with monthly price history. bounce off the 18ma. Daily almost looks like a hammer. Could be a hammer. However the oscilators look bearish. Simple STORSI bearish, MacD bear. Can look at some others if we want but on the daily big bear. So do we fill in this bear wick? Do we bounce? Previous few days still bearish. Still haven't seen a 52 MA match. We'll see. Weekly COT for launch suggested some are looking bearish.

NAS is what it is. Just wants to stay bull til its not. 14470.
I am looking for more bearish action but we'll see if they delay those moves longer into news. Depends on who's earnings are up. I'm in a fat finger short. Alerts set hither mostly lower on Smalls STIX, Tech Futures.

Gold. I'm out of my other fat finger short. Decent profit. Could fall off the ciff here at 1853. But could continue it's march into the 2000s. I'm not entering at these hours. Price has been hitting extremes at key London hours.

FX & Bitcoins reminders in the video.
10amish 2/15/22


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