AUD/USD at GFC Low, Support/Resistance Level

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You know you're in trouble when not even an announcement of Australian QE, a concept that previously seemed so farfetched for a seemingly bulletproof economy, could halt AUD/USD's slide.

In our last piece of Aussie analysis I liked above, we highlighted 60c as the GFC low and next higher time frame level of support.

With a ton of external momentum behind it, price went straight through the level and dropped as low as 55c before buyers had a chance to step back in.

I don't normally zoom this far out, but I need to post a monthly chart to really show the support/resistance level that we're currently at.

AUD/USD Monthly:

The GFC low at 60c is the only support/resistance level that matters right now.

Get it onto your chart and then zoom into the daily, then hourly to watch how price action reacts around it.

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