Python package fpl now updated for 2019/2020 season!

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What is fpl?

It's a Python wrapper for the Fantasy Premier League, which is a fantasy football game - "a game in which participants assemble an imaginary team of real life footballers and score points based on those players' actual statistical performance or their perceived contribution on the field of play. " At the time of writing this post there are more than 6 million teams entered, which includes loads of people on Steem who are participating in Steem's very own league (see here).


The 2019/2020 season of the Premier League started a while ago. With this they decided to change a lot of the endpoints of their API, and also what the endpoints actually return for some reason. Because of this I had to change quite a lot to get everything back in working fashion, but I think everything should be working properly with version 0.6.8 (as long as they don't keep changing things)!

On a side note: the package has hit 50 stars, which makes me very proud, and the Discord server has reached ~80 users! Don't hesitate to give the project a star yourself and join the discussion on Discord!

Usage & installation

The recommended way to install fpl is via pip.

pip install fpl

To install it directly from GitHub you can do the following:

git clone git://

You can also install a .tar file
or .zip file

$ curl -OL
$ curl -OL # Windows

Once it has been downloaded you can easily install it using pip::

$ cd fpl
$ pip install .


  1. Fork the repository on GitHub.
  2. Run the tests with pytest tests/ to confirm they all pass on your system.
    If the tests fail, then try and find out why this is happening. If you aren't
    able to do this yourself, then don't hesitate to either create an issue on
    GitHub, contact me on Discord or send an email to [email protected].
  3. Either create your feature and then write tests for it, or do this the other
    way around.
  4. Run all tests again with with pytest tests/ to confirm that everything
    still passes, including your newly added test(s).
  5. Create a pull request for the main repository's master branch.

For more information on how to contribute to fpl see the contributing guide.


Documentation and examples for fpl can be found at


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