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in #fractal2 years ago

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Life moves very fast, especially when being involved in such an exciting space as gofractally.com . I liken it to a kid at an amusement park just running in blind enjoying the rides! While this is great, sometimes it helps to take a step back to analyze the field. Maybe there is a water park section you did not know about on the far east end or a zoo on the north western tip.
What I am getting at is to encourage people to take a breath and explore our community members profiles. For those unfamiliar there is a members tab in the mighty networks page. I believe this to be one of the most useful and overlooked tools thus far in our space. Just today I started to really dig and will continue exploring our great community members, seeing where their talents and passions are. Now I have been doing fractal meetings for 7 weeks and just started to really do this, so Im pretty sure I'm not the only one who ran in the park and started going on the first rides I saw!
I continue to be blown away by the high quality of the content and character of the members that are in this community and I have been having a blast looking deeper into their profiles and activities. This can help inspire new ideas for contributing and building meaningful networks. I suspect that many new friendships and professional partnerships have been, and will continue to be made and flourish in this new dynamic space! God bless the members and their respective dreams and projects!