Genesis Fractal Branding & Interim Group Consensus Process

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Some community members have asked about whether they can use the ƒractally logo in their promotional efforts. We are flattered that so many people want to help share our ideas and the ƒractally brand; however, there are some very practical business considerations that must be taken into account. For example, we must protect our trademark from abuse by those who would work against us and our community or we can lose the right to our trademark altogether.

After giving it some thought we realized that the Genesis Fractal, being its own virtual entity apart from Fractally LLC, needs its own logo. Any Genesis Fractal logo would have to be adopted by community consensus, but we thought about it and put together a concept that we would license for the community to use.

This logo builds on the idea of our social channels and community website "go ƒractally" while also symbolizing Genesis Fractal. We feel this logo is a call to action to encourage people to "go for it, and get the respect you deserve".


Reaching Consensus without a Council

While the Genesis Community is still developing we lack enough people to form 12 teams of 12 as envisioned by the ƒractally white paper, yet we still need the means to reach consensus for community-wide decisions. Our current process is ad-hoc and we can do better. So I propose the following interim process for making community-wide decisions:

  1. Before each weekly meeting any member who has previously ranked 5 or 6 for at least 3 weeks may introduce a proposal for consideration by the community. This proposal shall be posted as a link in the comment section of the hive post where we record the consensus results that week. Each qualifying member may only propose one item per week.
  2. After each weekly meeting (on the same video call), those who rank 6 may discuss the proposal, and if they approve they can reply to the comment with "Approve" or "Reject". If 2/3 of those who rank 6 that week approve then the proposal passes.
  3. If 2/3 of the Rank 6 fail to reach a consensus within 1 hour to either Approve or Reject then the Rank 6 individuals lose the respect they earned that week.

This is an interim process can serve until modified using the same process or the automated workflow on is ready.

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.


I have never ranked 5 nor 6. But I have to say that I really dislike this logo, more specifically:

  • I dislike its reminiscence to Google.
  • I dislike the hexagonal shape which I find over used in the tech world.
  • I dislike the color of the hexagon, which looks too LGBTXYZ... associated.
  • I dislike the inharmonious contrast between the two letters.
  • I somehow dislike that there are only two letters too, which to me, evokes some polarization at a subconscious level.

On a positive note:

  • I love the innovation going.
  • I love our voice are being heard
  • I love the positive feedback of the process on itself.

Glad to see you are using Hive for this. It shows a great use case. Not so crazy about the Logo but I wish Fractally success.

I feel this might not be a good idea, we have a lot of talent in this community! Suggest leave it open to any rank - decision rests in hand of more ranked efforts. ""Before each weekly meeting any member who has previously ranked 5 or 6 for at least 3 weeks may introduce a proposal for consideration by the community. ""

I like/support the logo on the interim comsensus process for proposals

Glad to see the fractally team respond to this situation so quickly and with an efficient and intelligent solution!

I ranked 5 in my room today.
I have ranked 6 or 5 in at least 3 of the meetings.

My opinion here is that we should see more options before voting something as the logo.

I approve this proposal.


I support this Interim consensus process for proposals and I approve.

I like the proposed process and approve it.
I don't like the logo design and suggest a separate discussion about a community logo.