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While bitcoin and most of the altcoin are going through a period that some call "crash", which affects the price of such cryptos. On the other hand, the advance of encryption technologies continues to be developed, offering novel alternatives that only show the power that the disruptive, which resides in the human mind is capable of doing.


The emergence of the masternodos and their growing development for a while now, has made a difference, but what is a Masternode? It would have to begin by indicating that the first masternode was developed by the programmers of the Dash team, with the basic but important idea, to ensure the intrinsic qualities that this altcoin offered to a niche financial market, which demanded robustness in privacy and speed of the transactions made based on the exchange of that currency and evidently for them it was the greatest achievement. Now the issue discussed here, crossing the border of Dash to become a viral technological event, to put it in some way, we could be in the presence of even a trend.



Many currencies are being born, under the label of being masternodes, then it is pertinent to have an idea of what it is and what functions it fulfills:
.- They are in fact a kind of variation, more advanced of the mining system called Proof of Stake (POS), that is, they are computers or servers, where a wallet of the currency in specific, containing a certain amount of required currencies, resides. which ensure the services that this masternode offers to the network itself.

.- It ensures a greater level of decentralization, achieving very fast transactions in its result, in some cases almost instantaneous.

.- The same decentralized characteristics of the masternodes contribute solidity to the requirement of transactional privacy, using from the same transaction a series of passive mixes of funds between masternodos, through certain chains, so that at the end of the merger of the transaction , managing to hide almost completely the information of the transaction.

.- Then the governance functions of the cryptomoneda in question, are part of the important activity of the masternodos, exerting consensus through the votes of these, according to the decisions that involve the network.

It is quite clear that this innovation of the block chain lends itself to and promises a clear evolution within it, in terms of providing a better service not only to the technological ecosystem of the network itself, rather, and especially to the users .


What I described in the previous paragraph in a very simple way, represents a work of great responsibility in my opinion, so that these master nodes fulfill their function correctly was given a purely financial solution.

All this workload can not be done free of charge or with the level of remuneration received for example by a basic miner.


Masternodes literally sold or more than a sale, could be a technological class of commodate occurs to me, all the expense involved in maintaining operational this masternode is on behalf of whoever wants to exploit this opportunity, starting by maintaining an exact amount of coins required in the wallet of the specific currency of the chosen masternode, this wallet must be kept open to the network 24 hours a day, each solution of blocks implies a payment, which in some cases is very good, in others perhaps not so much, that is to say, there is an ROI that every owner of masternodo must take into account, against all the expenses that this masternodo implies.


It is already the "market of the masternodes", they are operative a good amount of these, but in addition many others are going to incorporate to this segment, naming them would be to lengthen this post too, so if you find this world interesting, I invite you to review this website, here you will see the updated lists, with their details of most of the masternodes.



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Very interesting this matter of the masternodes

Interesting, you got me and idea

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