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I had this vision years ago of traveling in Asia to learn different types of Yoga and Meditation

Returning to teach here in the US when I was older

I was really interested in "Kundalini Yoga" and figured it was my path

Practicing Kundalini makes you feel great

There is a lot of Pranayama, or breath work which makes you feel HIGH

When you practice breathwork, you activate your Endo Cannabinoid System, so you are actually "getting high off your own supply"

Of course I love it

Kundalini Yoga was brought to the US in the late 60's by this guy Harbhajan Singh Khalsa

They called him Yogi Bhajan

He was a Sikh from Northern India

There are so many tales about how he arrived in the US and started teaching

YB connected with the Hippies and actually ended up teaching a class at Woodstock

He taught them how to get high, naturally :)

Sikhism is a beautiful religion and culture and the followers are Warriors

I tried to travel to India to become a "Kundalini Yoga" instructor

But, I found out that it was now "Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan" and had to study in the US 😳

YB died in 2004 but he created a huge organization and left all of his teachings with them

I thought it was weird but did it anyway

It was very cultish

But, I made some GREAT friends in Class and the Yoga felt amazing

Yogi Bhajan was very intelligent and his words were extremely powerful

He was a linguistic master

Every class starts with the Adi Mantra


I bow to the Divine Wisdom within myself

You are your own best teacher and you must trust yourself and your own wisdom

YB's students fell in love with him

Many worshipped him and literally kissed his feet

Even though he said many times "love the teachings, not the teacher"

The most prevalent of all mantras in the Kundalini yoga tradition is SAT NAM

It's used all the time as a greeting, blessing of food, in class - ALL THE TIME


Truth, enlightenment, consciousness and above all awareness, comes into your experience

Right before graduation in February of 2020 a tell all book about Yogi Bhajan was released by one of his former students and assistants

I never read the book, but followed the story

He was sexually abusing her

The floodgates opened and many women and men came out against YB for abuse

He is not here to defend himself but it's clear that he did some very bad things

He was human and lied often

I love the teachings but not the man

We have seen this so many times

When a human gets too much power, he or she often gets lost

DO NOT give your power to ANYONE

Not 45, 46, Bikram, Osho, Bhajan, your Yoga instructor, Shaman, Sensei, Tony Robbins


They are all just teachers

No one will ever be able to do the work for you anyway

The days of the Gurus are over

The only way to find TRUTH is by going INSIDE

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