FRANK BACON 🤬 aVoid Legendary champion from @THEOCU Tribes Faction 🤬 Understanding Hex debuff

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A scholar-mage took residency in the land of @theocu’s, and although he was loved by many, he took a dOrk turn weeks after arrival. All of the magic this wizard leant he used for humour at the expense of others, leaving two hard working brothers conjoined for life…. which no forms of spell craft can reverse.


They say two heads are better than one, and this comes to fruition through a versatile skill set consisting of HealTH, Speed manipulation & a unique passive. ... Whether you need a strong booster/cleanser in the Arena, or simply trying to amplify your accuracy stats for high end content, this truly fulfils many fundamentals you may be looking for.

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Understanding Hex debuff


Can anyone explain what hex debuff really does?

MJIsaac • 7mo ago

Champions under Hex debuffs take damage whenever their allies do. The damage from Hex debuffs ignores Champions' DEF. The original targets all take full damage. Champions under Hex debuffs take 2% of AoE damage inflicted on their allies, and 10% of single-target damage inflicted on their allies. ...
In addition, champions that place Hex will often have unique abilities that interact with Hex, but you need to read their skill descriptions to see what effects those have.