Return home from Murree trip...!

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Hi Friends....!
Happy Sunday guys.
Hope you all fine and enjoy your weekend.
Here I'm starting my blog after reaching my destination i started to explore the view and Nature. There were very beautiful views, canal river .I enjoyed watching all that scene.There were also many fountains .

After that i continue my journey. After a bit of entertainment, I walked towards the hotel.After reaching the hotel, I kept my luggage there and rested for a while. After some rest i started to explore my hotel .


After a short rest I felt hungry and ordered food.I had order their most famous Chicken Chanap.They were really tasty and delicious.He prepared that food by adding special spices.


After eating I started my journey towards a famous lake there called lake Saiful Muluk.That lake is located in the middle of many mountains. The water of this lake was absolutely blue and clean.

After spending some time there. I continue my journey. After that I started my journey towards the mountains where it was very cold and the weather was very pleasant.The weather there was very pleasant and there was snow everywhere.
The entire mountain was covered with snow.


After enjoying there I started my journey towards the hotel. After reaching the hotel, I did some rest and after that I picked up my luggage and walked towards the bus stand.



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Thank you for your help!

I hope you enjoyed your trip.