The struggle for freedom continues in Canada

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After being part of anti-lockdown rallies and then Freedom Convoy, I noticed the public lost interest in activism when Ukraine replaced Covid in the corporate media news cycle. But it's not over! We know the globalist takeover will continue. My wife and I, with our newborn baby and our toddler, have attended the local freedom rally 6 Saturdays in a row! Since it has been a while, I want to show a few photographs I took yesterday, to show the world we haven't given up and gone away!

There's my amazing son, who will be 3 in October. We don't force any activism on him, and allow him to decide his own level of participation. He does enjoy the community aspect of these events, and we all look forward to it during the week! The good people we connect with at freedom rallies are the only family we really have, since losing most of our blood family to division around Covid and other issues.

The children are one of the main reasons we're fighting for freedom! Without freedom, we have nothing, because everything else can be taken away if we're not free. We must pass a free world on to the next generation.

For this post I want to focus on the messages I saw at the rally. Here are a few more:

Those are great signs that get straight to the point. We've been rocking these for at least a year now.

There are also some newer messages around nowadays:

Notice the focus on resisting the technocratic globalist slave system. I hear people talking about the cashless economy, central bank digital currencies, "the mark of the beast", and so on. People aren't just worried about the government going overboard on Covid regulations, they're worried about MANY potential sources of tyranny.

Stay tuned for more coverage at the grassroots level here in Okanagan BC Canada!

Thank you to everyone doing their part to advance Liberty! Nothing is more important than our freedom, and we have less of it today than at any point in recent history! It's time to stand up while we still can.

PS: Due to downvote abuse on Hive, I have moved my blogging base of operations to Blurt - please join me there!



Keep up this good work, for them and because we all deserve better.