I Told You So 🤦‍♂️ - Blockchain Coffee “Bulging Eyes”

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Always, always, absolutely always prepare for the worst even if your remaining hopeful for the best. Nothing wrong with covering all your bases, had the witnesses done this we would have secured our blockchain from the take over ongoing.

I know it’s easy to say “I told you so” after the fact but I did have several public discussions about this very topic. I am a conspiracy nut and often I will look for potential outcomes even if highly unlikely. With knowing the exchanges are in good terms with Justin due to TRON my worst case assumption is exactly what happened!

The root of the issue is money! Not hostile manoeuvres but the fact that we dictate who’s in power with power creates a system where money can buy power to do as it pleases. Same deal as politics, we never know what is happening behind the scenes but we see the results and often don’t see how the pieces fit together either.

So next time I’m trying to talk to you about “worst case scenarios” don’t look at me with bulging eyes and dismiss what I have to say! It could very well come back to bite us all in the ass again 😉

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Well said and noted.

It appears to me that the takeover scenario was one of the options even before the soft fork. Maybe the main option.

Yea I got that premonition from the AMA, the oddities in both Ned & Justin's body language when using the smooth it over marketing lingo. I am curious if I could get one of the people that do YouTube videos on body language to cover that video 😅 would be interesting and beneficial to know Sun's tells going forwards.

Honestly I am in the realm of thought that everything is still going to plan despite having to use exchange power to facilitate it. I also don't think that Sun actually wants a blogging platform but has alternate motives to purchase Steemit. If I was to start a new platform with similar competition already in the space first I would either find a way to "out do" or "un-do" their advantages. If we assume Sun is not an idiot and reference how Steemian developers think decentralized rules while acknowledging that DPOS is not perfect my first idea would be to attack the integrity of our decentralization knowing it would fracture our community. Just waiting for announcement of that replacement at this point.

I really do hope I am wrong 🤞 we can come together and elect ourselves back into power!

Well written @d00k13, and a nice butt kicking I told you so, let's see where this ends, at least popcorn is great, thanks for sharing, it's awesome.

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